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Started a decade ago, our ultimate goal is to re innovate the concept of CCTV Camera Installation & Security Service Chennai

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All the Electronics we use are from ISO Grade. We never compromise on the quality of work we do & we are transparent as well

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Every staff in our organization are trained well, from Electronic Engineers to Labours are trained regularly.

About Acumen

Our founder, Engineer have achieved greater heights by empowering Technicians to Entrepreneur level. He Founded Acumen to Protect the Society by Installing High Security cameras. Our Products are recognised by corporates, temples, schools and colleges.

Fastest Service : Fastest CCTV Installation Process than Industry standards.
Go Green: Choose Eco Friendly Product and save Environment. Our Products are certified
Indepth Process: We go deep into the process to find out the loop holes & sort out the issue

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Our Team constantly strives to provide the best customer service & technical support in the industry. We also provide the most competitive pricing in chennai with the best products.


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We work very lucratively in security solutions. We have 10+ Experience in this field.

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CCTV Camera Dealers in Chennai

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Closed Circuit Television, a video surveillance is the method to monitor special places. The evolution of CCTV cameras has been increasing more in this decade. Due to high risk in smugglers, thiefs, anti-social elements & terrorists. 

In Earlier days shops, malls, theatres, hospitals, gateways were the major buyer of CCTV cameras. But due to the threat, even small individual houses are using Video Surveillance systems.

Types Of CCTV Camera

Lets see how many Brand in CCTV types of CCTV Camera is available & choose which one will suit your need. Dome, Bullet, C-Mount, PTZ, Day Night vision camera, InfraRed camera, Network / IP Camera, Wireless CCTV as well.

Here we will see about the most used CCTV Camera & its purpose

Dome CCTV Camera

The Name is derived from the shape & design of this cctv. It looks like a dome shape machine. The dome shape creates an illusion to the manipulators, there will not be any clue through which side it’s viewing the thief’s. 

Dome shaped cctv cameras are more popular and it fits for Indoor & Outdoor. And it can Access 360 degree view. Installing it is easier than any other surveillance product. This product is commonly used in Shops, Malls, Individual House, Hospitals & Commercial Offices etc.,

Bullet CCTV Camera

It is a very tough machine which is capable of doing rough things. The Design is Cylindrical Shape, which creates the illusion of shoot out. Most of the customers install bullet cctv outdoor. It can withstand any climate heat & cold. Water Resistant as well as heat resistant.

It’s Shoot out range is very high, Manufacturing Industry, Road Surveillance, Police Stations are suitable places.

C Mount CCTV Camera

C – Mount Design looks similar to Bullet CCTV, but it has more functionality than Bullet type. 90% of C Mount Camera holders bought it for the purpose that this machine has the capabilities to change the lenses at any time based on the need of the buyer. 

There are even special lenses which have the coverage of 40 – 50 feet. Most secure and highly visible surveillance available in the market. It is ideal for Long View shoot, tamilnadu government installed C-Typed CCTV on Roads, Stadiums etc. It can withstand any kind of temperature.

Pan, Tilt & Zoom (PTZ)

We personally recommend PTZ because of the technology it has. The above mentioned cameras are all static, but PTZ is totally dynamic where the security guard has the total control. With a button control the guards can turn right, turn left, upwards & downwards as well. 

This CCTV Camera has the capabilities of zooming very deep on the particular object. It got additional features like face detection, 360 degree view. The ideal usage is at Museum, Stadium, Shopping Malls, Jewellery Shops etc.,

Day Night Camera : Regardless of any temperature, the clarity vision of this CCTV is really great. It Doesn’t matter whether it is Day or Night, this machine does his job clearly. 

Other Interesting Cameras are Infrared & Wireless Network Camera. Infrared Cameras can work even in Pitch Black & Rough Fog Conditions.

Wireless Camera is designed to reduce the cost of installation. Say for example if you want to capture a 2 lakh sq ft area under your surveillance, the installation cost of the wire jumps to the roof. Wireless CCTV will save tons of money here.

We have gone through some of the most popular cctv cameras in the market. Now, it’s time for us to go through the major brands who manufacture these surveillance products. Best wireless camera in market EZVIZ

World biggest CCTV Camera manufacturer and headquartered in China Mainland. The market share of hikvision is around 21% and it is continuously increasing year on year. They have a series of products which are Network Products, Turbo HD, Transmission & Display, Mobile Network, Intelligent traffic, Access Control, Video Intercom, Thermal CCTV, Security Alarms, Branded CCTV Accessories & Software as well.

Hikvision is the most reached brand across the world. They have extraordinary service line up, Guarantee & Warranty is good as well. They have got Dozens of Projects from Indian government.

One of the Oldest brands in this category in Bosch. The Brand was established in 1886, and withstanding competition till date. Bosch not only manufactures CCTV Products, they are in more than 10 industries and produce 1000’s of products under the line.

The Market share of bosch is roughly around 10% and the brand is totally targeted on high end customers. Though the cost is a little bit higher than other cameras, the technology they provide to their customers is astonishingly great. 

Some of the line up products are IP Cameras, Analog Cameras, Encoders & Decoders, Recording, Video Software, Monitor, Switching systems & keyboards & Installation accessories

Dahua founded in 2001 and which owns a market share roughly around 5.7%. The company headquartered in mainland China. They have a wide range of products Network Camera, HDCVI Cameras, PTZ, Thermal Camera, Network Recorder, HDCVI Recorders, Video Intercoms, Access Control, Security Alarms, Display Monitor & Controls, Machine Vision & Security Software as well.

Samsung is a group of companies founded in 1938, Seoul in South Korea. Samsung has stepped in diversified industry Mobile Phones, Home Appliances, Television & Security Solutions.

Their market share is around 6% in CCTV Business. In recent years, samsung is literally transferring the camera technology from mobile phones to Security solutions.

Some of the wide range products are Dome CCTV, Full Body CCTV, Fisheye security products

Panasonic CCTV Camera is Multinational Conglomerate founded in 1918 and headquartered in Japan. They stepped their feet in many areas like Home appliances, Retail, Logistics, Transportation, Security Solutions and recently in Artificial Intelligence. 

Ip Camera, Analog Camera, 360 Degree Network Microphone, Network Recorder, VMS Solutions, Encoders / Decoders, Intelligent Analytics, System Controllers. Apart from Normal security products. They have innovation in Artificial intelligence products as well, iPro, Face Pro


In India, More than Million Theft cases were recorded in the last one year. In Railway alone the registered theft case is around 1.8 lakhs. Police officers can find the thieves only when they have the clue right. There are several Bike theft, Car Theft, Jewellery theft which happens in our country without any clue.

CCTV cameras will help you to find that clue. We are one the leading CCTV Camera Dealers in chennai. Join us & Protect yourself and your society

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About Acumen

Our founder, Engineer have achieved greater heights by empowering Technicians to Entrepreneur level. He Founded Acumen to Protect the Society by Installing High Security cameras. Our Products are recognised by corporates, temples, schools and colleges. Fastest Service: Fastest CCTV Installation process than industry standards. Go Green : Choose an Eco Friendly Product to save environmental Problems. Indepth Process: We go deep into the Process to find out loop holes and sort out the issue

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