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CCTV Camera Dealers in Chennai

Get the Knowledge Transfer from leading CCTV Camera Dealers in Chennai

Security has become a vital part of our day-to-day life. All types of criminal cases come to conclusion based on evidence and a recorded evidence from the camera is the best way to go.

CCTV or Closed-Circuit Television is a small video camera which records the surrounding or performs the action of surveillance, then transmits the footage to a system through wired or wireless network.

From being operated in business or industrial location, this CCTV is now used everywhere. Few of the examples are houses, streets, schools, colleges, hospitals, public places like parks, offices, warehouses, etc.,

In many countries, CCTV cameras are placed in streets to not only capture any theft, murder but also to monitor vehicles for rash driving and beating the traffic rules.

So, now you have noticed that many thefts are having near your residence, you have decided to keep a CCTV in your hallway for surveillance, but you have no idea what to do where to place.

Now, we explain to you the process of CCTV Camera Installation in Chennai

Determine the weak spots:

  • First is to take the blueprint or the sketch of the building, then find the positions or locations which are weak and prone to breaking and entering. Few such places are the entrance, windows, garage, front/black yard.
  • Now, you have to find a place which has a clear and best view of these weak places. Make sure that no sketchy locations have been left hidden.

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Next is to understand the different types of CCTV Camera and decide which one suits your requirements. We are awarded as best CCTV Camera Dealers in Chennai by Top Brands

Let’s take a look into few of the Closed Circuit Television type through the best CCTV Camera Dealers in Chennai

  • Dome
  • Bullet
  • C-Mount
  • Day/Night
  • Night Vision/Infrared
  • Network/IP
  • Wireless

Dome CCTV Camera Dealers in Chennai:

  • Named after it’s dome-shaped housing, these cameras are widely used indoors like retail stores, houses and offices.
  • These need to be placed in the ceilings where slot can be made in which the camera can be placed.
  • Unless someone comes near to the camera and carefully sees, they won’t be able to find which direction the camera is facing. Thus, typically, this is the best one against theft and vandalism.
  • It can provide the wide range of coverage compared to other cameras because of its 360 degrees rotation.
  • We can make the camera to tilt and zoom on any particular object and can very well be rapidly rotated to another angle without any hassle.
  • Tilting and zooming functionality can be done manually or can be automated to perform the same at a timely pattern.
  • This camera also comes with an infrared feature for night vision and is highly recommended.
  • Other cameras are limited to the corners of the rooms but dome cameras can be placed in the centre of the rooms and they are depicted to be more modern and goes well with your interior design.
  • Since they are not immediately noticeable, these cameras are often ignored, this doesn’t discourage the thieves from breaking and entering.
  • But this covert feature helps in retail shops as the thieves don’t notice it being near to the cash register and this camera captures everything even during non-trading hours.
  • As this camera blends in with the interior design, it escapes from potential vandalism during any theft.    

Bullet CCTV Camera Dealers in Chennai:

  • Bullet CCTV is typically used in outdoors as they are designed in such a way that it can withstand any weather condition. It comes with waterproof feature (encased within protective casing), thus roof over the camera is just a luxury, not a necessity.
  • It is named based on its long, cylindrical structure which depicts a rifle bullet cartridge.
  • It can withstand 100 feet pressure thereby increasing its capability of filming under water.
  • The major disadvantage is that it can capture 70 degrees of angles but can’t be autorotated to capture something out of its range. Its head needs to be manually turned to fix on other location. Thus, eliminating the prospect of tilting and autorotation.
  • Its main advantage is being able to capture a high-quality image of long distance target easily.
  • The bullet CCTV has the ability to turn on the infrared feature resulting in capturing high quality and clear picture even during low lighting. Most of the CCTV Camera Dealers in Chennai recommend Bullet Camera
  • It comes with both wired and wireless option.
  • This CCTV being very obvious and visible without any difficulty, it discourages theft and vandalism but more often it becomes the target of vandalism though.

C-Mount CCTV Camera Dealers in Chennai:

  • The name C-mount depicts the lens type which is used in digital cameras, movie cameras and numerous other applications.
  • This CCTV Camera has a detachable lens that can be changed for its intended purpose. e.g., different lenses can be used if high quality is required or if long distance coverage is the requirement. Always Consult an CCTV Camera Dealers in Chennai before choosing the Lens Type.
  • In short, this CCTV evolves with the technology as the new-found lenses can be used rather than having the same old lens it came with other types of CCTV.
  • These special lenses typically cover beyond 40ft while the other CCTVs can do only 35-40 ft.

Day/Night CCTV Camera Dealers in Chennai:

  • This CCTV camera is most likely used in residential and commercial locations where video footage needs to be taken 24×7.
  • This is highly recommended for outdoor situations where infrared cameras optimization can be pretty low.
  • It can be used to get high-quality full-colour footage during the daytime while it switches to black and white during nighttime if the lighting is low and has only moonlight to rely on.
  • It can work against any weather conditions. Its glare-free lenses are highly optimal during blazing sunlight and can work in poor lighting because of its highly sensitive imaging chips.
  • This is highly recommended in street surveillance where there will at least belittle lighting from streetlights and moonlight.
  • The major disadvantage is though they provide high quality black and white footage in low lighting, they are completely helpless in full darkness. They do not have infrared feature because of which the camera can’t see anything in the complete darkness. So, they can’t be used indoors where lights can be turned off making it useless.
  • But this disadvantage can be overcome by adding an infrared technology to it and many companies provide this feature with their cameras.

Network/IP CCTV Camera Dealers in Chennai:

  • In this type of CCTV, the photos and footage are sent through the internet rather than DVR which is used in other cameras. This is typically used in organizations which require advanced and over-the-top technologies in their security surveillance systems.
  • This comes in both wired and wireless. In wireless, it eliminates all the wiring used for boosting the data transfer in other CCTV.
  • This CCTV simply connects to the local network in the building and transfers the up-to-date footage through the internet. In order to keep the traffic on internet less, it compresses the bandwidth and then sends the footage.
  • This can be used in both indoor and outdoor as far as it could be connected to the internet all the time.
  • One of the disadvantages is if it’s wired IP CCTV, then it requires additional cabling to connect to the nearby LAN making the camera quite obvious and vulnerable to vandalism.

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Night Vision/Infrared CCTV Camera Dealers in Chennai:

  • This contains Infrared LEDs in it which can be used to capture footage even in full darkness.
  • This can be used in places where 24×7 surveillance is required, typically in factories, warehouses where it will be of poor lighting or pitch black during nightfall.
  • These cameras can see infrared rays without the need of visible light, thereby producing high quality black and white footage in complete darkness.
  • During daytime, Infrared cameras can provide high-quality full-colour images using an infrared cut filter and this filter can be switched off if the infrared image is required rather than full-colour image.
  • The one disadvantage is that since these infrared LEDs are placed near the camera lens, they can sometimes distort the images.
  • During nighttime, the glow of the LEDs is easily visible thereby giving out the camera position to the intruders.
  • If the infrared cameras are placed near a mirror or looking through the glass, the reflection from the glass creates a bad image which is literally useless and creates distortion in the footage. But, if placed in the correct position, then infrared cameras provide the high-quality image with long distance coverage.

Wireless CCTV Camera Dealers in Chennai:

  • Hard-wired or wired cameras use ethernet cable which connects the camera to DVR for data transmission. It also requires an additional booster for fast data transfer. Thereby, resulting in the bulk of wires connecting to the camera which needs to be hung through the walls causing a disturbance.
  • Taking this issue into account, wireless CCTV cameras are introduced where data transfer can be done through Wi-fi router.
  • Not all IP/Network CCTV Cameras are wireless, hence wireless cameras come under a different category.
  • In wired CCTV, burglars can cut the wires taped to the wall, thus stopping the footage to get recorded. But, this is not a possibility in wireless, where data is transferred through Wi-fi while the router can be kept in a safe place to avoid destruction.
  • This CCTV can be powered through either solar or battery, thereby making this wire-free surveillance system.
  • The major disadvantage is the possibility of hacking through the network and the cost.

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Now, based on the purpose, you have determined which CCTV camera to buy. Next is getting the appropriate DVR and the cables required for it.

What is a DVR?

Digital Video Recorder or DVR is an electronic device which is used for the purpose of recording videos in the form of a hard disk, memory card, SD card or USB flash drive. Apart from IP and Wireless CCTV Cameras, every other camera produces video footage in the form of analogue signals which is then transferred through the wires and cables to the DVR.

Now, DVR converts the analogue to digital format so that the video can be viewed through the monitor, computer, TV connected to the DVR. This will be the real-time video footage. DVR also compresses this digital data through various techniques and stores it in its storage unit for the purpose of future viewing. DVR can’t save these data indefinitely. Based on its storage capacity, it can store only limited days’ footage before rewriting the old footage.

The prices vary based on the number of cameras connecting to the DVR and the drive storage capacity. Frames per second determine whether the DVR is recording real-time content or not. E.g., if frames per second count are quite high, then DVR will be able to capture many pictures per second, thereby recording it in real time.

How many days’ content will be stored on the hard drive of DVR?

When buying the DVR, this detail will be mentioned in the specification but most of the times, it won’t be anywhere near accurate.

  • It depends on the storage capacity, resolution of the images, the compression technique used, frames of the second count and the complexity of the object it is recording.
  • If you are using High Definition CCTV camera, then unless it has a good video compression technique, the hard disk in the DVR will fill very easily and starts to rewrite the previous days’ footage.
  • The storage also depends on the number of cameras connected to the DVR as high number equally increases the possibility of fast filling.

Let’s check the different types of DVRs available-

Embedded DVRs:

  • Embedded DVR is single equipment which is connected to the camera for analogue input and a monitor for digital output and hard drive for storage.
  • These are stand-alone devices which are not connected to any network, thus reducing the chances of hacking into the video footage, virus attacks and other security issues.
  • Since these are based on machine language or Linux, the interaction with the footage is non-existent. You can simply view the video but can’t use an interactive device to control the flow of the footage.

Hybrid DVRs:

  • These accept both analogue and network-based input from the cameras. So, you can use both types of cameras indoors and outdoors and connect both to the same DVR, thereby reducing the cost.

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