We are working with the largest Sliding door operator manufacturer from all over the world. 

Automatic sliding door is a universal choice for both interior and exterior application,

We specialise in designing and manufacturing automatic entry solutions in the form of sliding and swing doors complying with the current Indian standards builder requirement. We offer highly personalised service and innovative high-tech entry solutions to our clients with market leading warranties for peace of mind.

What is Automatic Sliding Door ? 

Automatic sliding doors used in both interior and exterior application, Passive infrared ray to detect or RF radar sensors to activate their motorized function to opening and closing. These sensors are mounted over the automatic door frame or are integrated into the door framing from above or side by side. PIR sensors allow you to sense motion The sensors use either infrared or microwave technology to observe motion and are often used in commercial and industrial settings to allow ease of access from both side of the entrance for efficiency and safety.

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