Why choose WIRELESS Addressable NFire alarm system and how its works ?

1. Quick to install.
2. Cost effective solution compared to wired addressable / conventional systems.
3. No need to shut down areas of the building when installation is taking place.
4. No cabling/wiring required.
5. Will save money on labour, massonary, wiring and decorating costs.
6. State art of the premise won’t be disrupted.
7. Will still work even if the power goes out as Panel is battery operated( 24hours battery backup )
8. Full electronic system i.e fully stable.
9. Easy relocation of panel and sensors.
10.Proudly Made in India


  • 96 wireless and 3 wired defense zones; Each could be programmed independently
  • Maximum 99 remote controls; Both IC 2262 and EV 1527 compatible
  • System tamper alarm
  • Sensor low-power alarm and sensor tamper alarm
  • English voice prompt for all operations
  • Connects to Atigo Emergency Monitoring Station
  • One relay link to arm or disarm; One relay support remote control
  • External power failure/recovery alert
  • System settings to be done by SMS or by using Atigo App
  • Built-in RF transmitter: Easy to set with wireless sirens
  • Supports Atigo Mobile App

Intelligent, Hybrid Wireless Fire Detection

FIREwave is a hybrid wireless based family of products which is fully integrated into Hochiki’s renowned ESP intelligent hardwired system. This seamless hybrid integration provides the user with maximum flexibility in configuring the system to meet the specific needs of the building into which it is to be deployed.

FIREwave employs the latest radio technology, providing a simple and economic hybrid wireless fire detection system installation with minimal disruption to the fabric of the building and its operation. Flexible and versatile, FIREwave is suited to a wide range of applications, matching the requirements of any building from busy hotels to sensitive heritage buildings.

FIREwave is the most flexible fire detection solution available that is simple to install and maintain, overcoming installation and maintenance challenges on the most demanding sites; advanced patented technology is used to achieve optimum performance.

We have Covered over 100+ Active Security Solutions Projects all over chennai

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