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Understanding the Complete Process of CCTV Cameras Installation

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Prior Installing CCTV, We must First Understand What CCTV Camera. The Technology of CCTV Camera is CCD Technology, which converts lights into electrical signals. These Electrical Signals then processed by Camera Electronics and converted into a video recorder. The Video Signals depend upon the type of cameras and their quality.

CCD CHIP Camera are divided into

CCD CHIP Camera are divided into

Medium Resolution Monochrome

Medium Resolution Colour

High-Resolution Monochrome

High-Resolution Colour

Day/Night Cameras

Installation of Monochrome or Colour CCTV Cameras:

We Usually remember everything when our visuals are with different colours. Human eye see things very differently. We concentrate on red colour than brown colour. So, this makes colour cameras to be in premium segments than the monochrome. Monochrome Camera can offer InfraRed features, but it can be used only when theif or intruder cannot be alerted to the existence of surveillance.

Analogue or Digital Camera Installation:

Though Analogue type can give you better quality images with an affordable price, we prefer you to use Digital Signal Processing (DSP). These types of cameras give you more security and high quality.

DSP Type can be Differentiated with TWO Segments:

Standard DSP : Standard DSP gives you consistent picture quality than their analogue counterparts and it covers a wide range.

Premium DSP : Premium speaks a lot more than standard DSP, Premium DSP gives you more picture quality and high definition picture than the normal DSP Cameras. If you want to experience the Ultra quality you have chosen this product. If you want to cover a wider range of cameras, we have to choose Premium DSP. The main reason we ask our customer to fix this DSP is because of the SUN, because sun aggressive lighting will not affect the quality of the cameras.

CCTV Camera Installation CCD Chips:

Half inch Chips – These processing chips can give you high sensitivity and Resolution

Quarter Inch Chips – Quarter Inch Chips are recently developed and used for Consumer Camcorder. Since finding lenses for these chips is difficult, so quarter inch chips availability is less.

Third Inch Chips: Third Inch Chips take the market share and 70 % of CCTV Camera is installed with this chip.

CCTV Camera installation @ Home:

Analyze Surveillance Needs and where to be installed – Monitoring Every nook and corner of your home will cost you more and it is impractical, concentrate on the important area first and consecutively concentrate on the low priority area. Design a diagram for your needs. Watch Every Coverage location.

Front and back doors

off-street windows

large common spaces




Choosing the Right Package of CCTV Camera Before Installation .

CCTV cameras are like computer accessories. You can buy every part separately or you can buy all in one brand products. If You are choosing for a larger area you need a minimum of 1-3 Cameras, DVR, wiring, BNC Cables and power cords. If your coverage area is big you should have extended cables.

Basic Home Security Installation:

If You are looking for basic home security, you should buy at least 1-2 outdoor cameras and a DVR for 3 to 4 days of recording.

Installation for Monitoring Valuables : Though We keep valuables in a safer place, monitoring them is the most difficult task. Wireless Camera Can Cover wider range than other cameras. 1 or 2 wireless cameras can monitor even from small rooms to wider places. In most scenarios our clients prefer wireless cameras to monitor their children.

Selecting The Perfect CCTV Camera:

After Confirming the number of cameras, we have looked for the type of camera which should be installed. You can buy all the parts individually or buy a camera set. Buying a camera set is always cheaper and we recommend that to our customers.

Wireless or Wired CCTV Camera Installation:

Wireless cameras are easy to fix and mostly used for covering small places. In most of the cases house owners prefer wireless cameras for easy install and maintenance. If you want to cover more space you should consider choosing wired cameras.

Indoor or Outdoor CCTV Camera Installation:

Every camera has its own features. Outdoor cameras are made to be placed outdoors. If you place an indoor camera for an outdoor environment, chances are that it can be broken due to the harsh environment. So Selecting an Indoor or outdoor camera is must. Outdoor cameras will withstand even in harsh climates like high temperatures to – degrees. You should buy high grade outdoor camera places like chennai.

Motion Sensing CCTV Camera Installation :

Motion sensing are those cameras which will record only when the motion is taking place. Meanwhile these cameras remain calm and will not record. The main purpose of these cameras are to save the disk space and energy.

Remote Viewing CCTV Camera Installation:

Remote Viewing is like Evolution of cctv technology. This feature is available in high end cameras, you can view the cctv footage through mobile, laptop all over the world. This is the best way to monitor your place. We Recommend it.

Discrete or Out in the Obvious:

This factor is one of the most important factors for installing a cctv camera , the purpose of buying a cctv camera. Where to locate it and also finding the best place to fix your camera. Box Camera is large in size and it can be identified by the intruder easily, so the threat is broken here because of the large size visibility.

At this point, we have to install Dome Cameras. The Spherical shape is smaller in size and it cannot be easily visible. They cover a wider range of places and are easy to re-install as well. Since cctv camera installation in chennai will be easy and secure for your place.

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