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Benefits of using CCTV Camera

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Why is CCTV Camera Important ?


Closed Circuit Vision is the technological innovation which got attention in recent years. The major use of CCTV is to keep an eye on the things which go in and around us. The Closed Circuit vision comes with a Hi Tech camera, video recorder and storage device.

As per indian government, the criminal activities are continuously reduced after the installation of cctv cameras. The chances of decreasing criminal activities is around 30%. Our chennai police have already installed 2.8 Lacs cctv cameras across chennai. And they are likely to install 1 lac cctv in future.

The Tamilnadu government wants to do a close watch every 50 meters on city roads. And there is no place to hide. 

And Chennai Police is already insisting the house owners to install CCTV cameras to reduce the criminal activities.

Here are some of the major benefits of using CCTV Cameras:

CCTV cameras can increase the security of a building, hospital, parks, hotels and stadiums. Apart from installation we will see the benefits of this third eye.

Insurance Deductions:

CCTV cameras act like security eyes but they cannot become security guards to safeguard our property. But with the help of a CCTV camera we can find out what really happened. And it helps us to find a way to capture those criminals. 

As per insurance authority, the policy of Insurance companies will ask for the proof of theft. CCTV camera storage can help to solve that issue. 

The Video created a great impact for amount recovery as well. So Installing CCTV cameras can bring back your money from the insurance company with the criminal evidence.

In recent times, Artificial Intelligence integrated CCTV cameras can find out unusual activity and give you notification as well. They provide a louder alarm sound.

Thieves Go Away:

The Security systems will create a fear factor for thieves. Because the thieves never know what kind of CCTV is installed. They will have a doubt, there are dozens of Night Vision Cameras. Which can clearly capture the face, height, body shape and movement even in the dark.

On an average 25 to 30% of thieves will stop the process if they find any CCTV camera in that place. It’s a huge victory from the premises. 

So Don’t worry, unwanted guests will go away from your property without any notification. There are some chances that the thieves will wear a disguise and enter. That’s a different scenario. We cannot stop the theft completely, but CCTV cameras will reduce those numbers.

Road Safety:

CCTV plays a major role in controlling the traffic, across the world governments have taken tremendous effort on installing CCTV in nook and corner. Because millions of people die due to accidents all over the world. 

People drive their vehicle very slowly when they see CCTV installation. Apart from that we can find out the person who broke the rules as well.

Watch it anywhere:

Just sit and monitor your property from anywhere. For a moment think about the situation without cctv. It’s really hard for anyone to watch the entire corners of the property. Even a security guard cannot do that.

For example if the security guard goes to one corner there are chances that the thief might enter the property from another corner.

CCTV cameras can be installed in any place so the security guard or property owner can sit and watch what’s happening. In the recent evolution of artificial intelligence, the Camera with AI technology will automatically detect the motion and give you the notification or some time they give you an alarm as well.

Catch the Criminal:

As i already said we cannot stop the theft, but we can watch & catch the theft. In simple terms, cctv will provide you the video footage with the help of that we or policemen can identify the criminals. 

It doesn’t matter whether they are wearing a mask or not. Apart from those disguise, police officials will watch the body language, height, color, dressing type and the method of process.

So the chances of bringing your lost items is possible. Never worry about the theft, you will get that as soon as possible with the help of officials.

Low Cost Maintenance:

CCTV cameras need low maintenance, the cost of the instruments start from Rs 5000/ and go beyond a 1 lac. The Maintenance process is very simple, we have watched the quality of the camera. Though the camera can withstand harsh environments, the chances of damage is possible. 

Chances for changing camera lens can happen too. And at the same time the cost of cctv is continuously reducing so even the camera get damaged you can replace it new product.

Apart from Camera, if you want to increase the device storage it’s simple. You just upgrade the instrument.

Proof for Prosecution: 

We have dozens of visual’s on television, murder footage chain snatching case, robbery and traffic violation as well.

CCTV acts as proof, because you cannot alter the proof and high court accept the footage as a witness. No one can escape from the footage of cctv. And CCTV provides you the clue for policemen and cbi to catch the criminals. 

Hundreds and thousands of cases have been solved by our police officials based on the clue given by cctv. It just creates the path to find out the criminals. No worry everyone is monitored.


So people and business owners never think that closed circuit television is just an expense. No that not its a complete investment not only for your safety but for your surroundings as well.

Though our government took tremendous steps by installing around 3 lac cctv installations on roads. Its our duty to install the cctv in our surroundings. 

With the help of cctv the officials can watch the footprint and take a wise decision. 

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